Traffiqa Main Features

Optimizing Static Resources Made Simple

Optimize All of Your Static Resources

Optimize Images For Each of Your Users

  • Images type will be converted for the user browser type
  • Images will be optimes for the certain type. You can have the same file type but still reduce the file size by more than 40%.
  • Control the served image size. Original image is too big? pass your desired image width or height and Traffiqa will automatically resize the image.

Text Compression:

  • Javascript - Reduce file size by eliminating white space and changing variables and function names to a shorter name.
  • CSS - Reduce file size by intelligently combining similar classes and eliminating white spaces.
  • HTML - File size will be reduced by removing comments and unused whitespace

Built in CDN

Traffiqa is using Amazon CloudFront CDN service to serve the optimized static resources. You're getting a fully configured and working CDN as part of the service. The CDN is part of all available packages.

You can use your own CDN provider. Contact our support for more details.


Optimizing images is easy. Reduce your file size dramatically by just passing your images through the Traffiqa service. Convert your file from one type to another. This is extremely usefull for modern browsers that also support super efficient file types like Webp.

No modifications is needed from your end. Just use Traffiqa as a proxy and we will optimize any static resource you will give us.

Javascript & CSS

Optimizing your Javascript and CSS files with ease by just requesting them through Traffiqa CDN. You will get all javascript and CSS files optimized and minified


Optimizing HTML is not only for minifying and removing comments. It will combine the static resources that are in the HTML, reducing the requests to the service. If images are defined in a certain size, the optimizer will request the image with the desired size. Development life made simple.