About Us

Optimize your resources with Traffiqa and save your developers a ton of time

Traffiqa is a service for optimizing your resources. We want to make your service blazing fast and the key to doing that is optimizing your resources and serving them through a CDN. When you choose to use our service, your developers will love you. Why? They will have more time to work on your core product instead of wasting time with optimizations.

Our Mission

Traffiqa’s main mission is to make your service the fastest it can be. We do that by optimizing your resources. The main reason for you to not use the service is that it will be hard to integrate with your current framework. So, we work really hard to produce APIs and SDKs that will make your life a lot easier.

Our Story

Traffiqa’s service was born out of personal frustration. In the early days of Traffiqa, we built a different service and in order to optimize the service we wasted a decent amount of time on learning the optimization process.

Then a lot more time was wasted on implementing the optimizations. This was no fun. Instead of investing our time on our core product, we found that our team was wasting their valuable time on optimizations.

The first generation of Traffiqa was great with optimizing metrics, but it was really hard to use. We rewrote the engine from scratch with two main targets in mind:

  • Optimization - The optimization engine will give the same if not even better optimization than before
  • Usability - The service will be easy to use and integrate into an existing framework

We think we've implemented those targets and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We want to hear your feedback.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

The Traffiqa team